Why do you need a tempur-pedic neck pillow?

You will not understand the optimal density by touch, therefore, when choosing a pillow, it is better to focus on what I will say next.

The warranty period. The bigger it is, the better the pillow. Compare: one manufacturer gives a half-year warranty (and such pillows are usually cheaper), and another – 3 years. Difference? Therefore, polyurethane foam in a cheaper tempur-pedic neck pillow can “fall apart” in just six months. Therefore, it would be appropriate to recall the saying: “We are not so rich as to buy cheap things.”

The smell. Cheap pillows can have a sharp, chemical smell. So you understand: the PPU itself has a smell, but it does not have “proper” pillows and disappears after airing on the open air. Or even absent, because the manufacturer of these pillows already “aired” them in his warehouse, that is, gave them a rest.

Why do you need a tempur-pedic neck pillow?

Materials of the top coating. The person should be comfortable and not hot.

The presence of the registration certificate. The advantage is on the side of those who have it. I have already spoken about this earlier.


1. Availability of quality standards.

2. Presence of awards and other confessions.

3. Availability of clinical studies.

How to care for a tempurpedic pillow?

Orthopedic pillows should not be washed, since polyurethane foam absorbs moisture very well and gives it very poorly. Therefore, it is recommended to wash only the pillowcase. Or pillowcases, if there is also a removable internal.

What else to add?

Possible questions when selling drugs, allowing you to go to the presentation of the tempur-pedic neck pillow:

1. On which pillow are you sleeping?

2. Do you know that this may be due to the incorrect position of the spine during sleep?

Orthopedic pillow is also shown to everyone who cares about their health and the health of their loved ones.


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